Image Files

Image files are files containing a raw sector-by-sector image of a drive. You can recover from an image file in the same way you can from a physical drive. Click the yellow tile Image files... in the Select Drive screen to open an image file as a drive.

Image files have the extension ".img". Compressed images have the extension ".imc".

Clone an Entire Drive

You can create image files using the TOOLS->Create image command. You may use the image file instead of the original drive. You also can use image files created with other software, such as Runtime's DiskExplorer or RAID Reconstructor, or the Linux DD command.

Multiple Files

Image files can consist of:

Multiple files are helpful when you image to a drive with limited file size, e.g., FAT32. Segments of a multiple file image are about 656MB in size. A smaller size indicates the end of the image set.

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