Menu Structure


  Recover drive Select drive and begin the recovery
  Load image... Load an Image or Virtual Image for data recovery
  Load previous recovery... Load a previous data recovery or Recovery Tree
Save current recovery... Save status of current data recovery and Recovery Tree
Drive info (drive x) Show information about the Selected Drive
Exit Quit this program
Mount file system Select File System and continue the recovery
Recovery info Display details about the current recovery
File system info Display details about the current file system
Info Display information about the recovery details of a file
View View file with the internal viewer
Open Open file with its native application
Copy... Copy recovered files and directories to a safe destination
Rename Rename a file
Search Quit this program
Create image Create an image of the selected drive
Settings Change program settings
Content Call the integrated help (this)
License Enter a license key to unleash the full power of this software
Snapshot for customer support Create a snapshot of the recovery for support purposes
Print Audit... Create an Audit file, only visible if Audit is enabled.
About Displays copyright, license and version information